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Credit Repair

Are you a credit repair company?

New York Hope can handle all of the litigation needs your clients might require and help your credit repair company create a brand new revenue stream by selling our legal services.  

Credit repair companies naturally come across legal situations facing their clients. New York Hope supports Credit Repair Companies by seeing through litigation needs from beginning to end. We aim to remove the hassle and lower the price of finding a qualified attorney for each repair case. New York Hope provides a dependable, professional, and experienced team of attorneys. 

HOW can we help?

WHERE can we help?

New York Hope provides litigation services for credit card repair companies in every state across the US. We provide security to credit repair companies who might face litigation in a multitude of heavily populated regions where your clients may reside.


New York Hope provides quality coverage in all 50 states, leaving you confident that your clients are being represented no matter where they are. We have the capacity to handle all legal matters, so you don’t have to worry about the inconsistency between different law firms for each credit card case. New York hope will take on and service every matter you need litigation and legal counsel for. 

WHY choose us?

At New York Hope, we take every case we receive seriously - formulating unique and effective strategies to best suit the client’s needs. By trusting New York Hope to cover your legal needs, you will find that you will save money and time.


Your time spent on the legal end of credit repair will be significantly reduced when you have a reliable team of attorneys representing you and your clients from beginning to finish. 

The attorneys at New York Hope are entirely transparent about the status and happenings of your cases and communicate thoroughly about each decision that needs to be made. You and your clients deserve the best litigation at all times, and we will provide you with a team of lawyers experienced in credit card repair cases. 

WHAT are our prices?

At New York Hope you will find incomparable prices for our services. While other lawyers charge hundreds of dollars per hour, New York Hope charges a FLAT FEE for each case. For credit repair companies specifically, we charge $1000 flat for each case plus whatever legal costs are involved. We don't want you to have to pay extensive amounts of money to resolve your clients' cases. Instead, you go into the case knowing exactly how much it is going cost. 

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