Alexa Young, NY

"New York Hope has an incredible team full of people that really care about your case"

Don Francis, NY

"Getting a lawyer always made me nervous, but I think I got lucky finding New York Hope to help me with my debt"

Lisa Driver, NJ

"As someone who worked with Isaac for years prior, I think what he has done with this company is invaluable."

About Us

New York hope was founded in 2022 by Isaac Stern, an experienced attorney and New York local. Through dedicated planning and gathering trusted associates to onboard the project, New York Hope is now the newest competitor in affordable litigation.

How is it possible for us to provide stellar legal services that show results at a price that is attainable for the everyday individual or business? New York Hope is a grant and donation-supported organization. With the help of donors throughout the country, we can ensure legal dues and our attorneys are sufficiently paid without having to charge an unattainable amount.

In addition to litigation in the courtroom, New York Hope is working on development projects around the United States to provide resources and housing to those in need. At New York Hope, our primary goal is to ensure that individuals of any economic status are seen, heard, and helped.