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Civil Litigation

Do you have a civil case on your hands that you need representation for? New York Hope provides high quality civil litigation at a low cost.

Civil litigation is any legal dispute where one or more parties are attempting to receive monetary damages. Civil cases are New York Hope’s strongest and most litigated field as our attorneys have extensive experience in this field and are experts in civil law. 


Civil Litigation can be complex and take on many forms. It can also be unreasonably expensive. New York Hope strives to provide high quality legal counsel for civil litigation at an affordable cost to all. Our experienced attorneys strive to bring you the best results and will put forth their best work to support you in your case. 


What We Offer

We offer relief and litigation services for all of the following categories. 

Contract Disputes

Education Law

Real Estate Law

Privacy law

Class Action Lawsuits

Partnership Disputes


Bankruptcy Law


Business Disputes



(Civil Rights)

Your Case Not Listed?

We still might be able to help! Contact us with your specific case needs to see if New York Hope's resources are right for you. 

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