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New York Hope is here to support you on any civil legal matter you have and will provide high quality counsel from experienced lawyers at a low cost 

About Us

New York Hope was founded in September of 2018 by Isaac Shteierman, an experienced businessman and New York local. Through dedicated planning and gathering trusted associates to onboard the project, New York Hope is now the leading force in affordable litigation.


Here at New York Hope, we understand that legal services, specifically litigation, are not viable for many of New York's small business owners and individuals. Often times, those are the people who need litigation assistance the most. 

How is it possible for us to provide stellar legal services that show results at a price that is attainable for the everyday individual or business? New York Hope is a grant and donation-supported organization. With the help of donors throughout the country, we can ensure legal dues and our attorneys are sufficiently paid without having to charge an unattainable amount.

In addition to litigation in the courtroom, New York Hope is working on development projects around the United States to provide resources and housing to those in need. At New York Hope, our primary goal is to ensure that individuals of any economic status are seen, heard, and helped.

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