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Cash Advance Loans

Is your business stuck in a binding agreement regarding a cash advance loan? Is your bank demanding ridiculous interest rates that are not payable? The attorneys at New York Hope are here to provide the legal counsel you need. 

How Can We Help?


Our attorneys can negotiate on your behalf to lower your interest rates and make your payment plans more realistic


Our experienced attorneys can litigate with cash advance lenders and get them to unfreeze your company's bank account


Our attorneys can pressure your cash advance lenders to reconcile your loans so you can pay as little at $0/month until your business is back on its feet

What Do We Do?

Merchant cash advance loans are designed to provide small business owners with an alternative option from traditional bank loans. The receiver of the cash advance loan receives a lump sum of money up front and repays the cash advance with a percentage of their business sales. What many business owners are not told is that cash advance loans can be unbelievably expensive with APRs ranging from 70%-200%+.


Issues often arise when business owners take a cash advance to get themselves out of a financial bind and end up not being able to afford to pay back the loan. Business owners often don’t realize it is completely possible to restructure a cash advance loan, lower interest ratesextend the loan's payback time frame, or reconcile your cash advance loan. 


Whether you are having trouble paying a cash advance loan back or are faced with a breach of contract lawsuit, New York Hope is here to help you. We provide services from debt negotiation on Cash Advance loans to lawsuit defense services.


Cash Advance Loan lenders prey on small business owners by charging outrageous interest rates and fees and freezing banks when business owners are unable to make high payments back on these loans.


The attorneys at New York hope are here to help you fight against lenders by settling or restructuring your Cash Advance loan. We dig into every case and tailor our services to your needs specifically to stop harassment from debt collectors, unfreeze your business’s accounts and negotiate your payments to save you money.

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