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Credit Card Defense

Whether you have credit card companies demanding payments or debt collectors harassing you, New York Hope is here to provide exceptional legal counsel as you battle your way through consumer credit card debt.

How Can We Help?

Protect & Defend


Protect your rights against credit card corporations by seeking legal counsel today

Negotiate & Settle


Allow our lawyers to negotiate your debt and save you money

Counterclaim & Dismiss

There may be clauses in the agreement that allow us to get your case dismissed or make counterclaims

What Do We Do?
If you have been sued for credit card debt collection, don’t give up  hope, New York Hope is here to help you fight back.

Credit card debt can be daunting, as many families and businesses are in debt to large credit card corporations. Though often times, credit card companies and banks cannot justify claims regarding a breach of contract or cannot form a solid case against the person in debt.


Many individuals do not get a lawyer and instead end up paying more money than necessary. Legal counsel cannot only help you fight against credit card companies and debt collectors, but can also help negotiate with banks and reach the best possible outcome for your case. 


New York Hope provides defense against credit card corporations and debt collectors. Our attorneys pressure banks and debt collectors to prove their case and fight to defend our clients against wrongful claims, like a breach of contract or missing payments.


New York Hope specializes in consumer protection against large credit card companies attempting to enforce oppressive and unconscionable contracts and debt collection practices. We look deep into the case to determine if the debt collector has violated any laws that are meant to protect the rights of our clients.


With extensive experience in credit card cases, the attorneys at New York Hope know and understand the tactics debt collectors use and may be able to negotiate a reasonable settlement or win your case to prevent you from paying a single penny. 

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